• Hot Bar Machine-Pulsed Heat Thermode Soldering Machine

    Hot Bar Machine-Pulsed Heat Thermode Soldering Machine

    Use thermode technology (Hot Bar) that based on rapid reflow by pulse heating to effectively solder flexible board on the PCB.

    Closed loop process control is used to control the time-temperature profile.

    Application :

    Suitable for soldering TAB, FPC to PCB/FPC, and FFC to PCB; It can also meet the hot-pressing requirements of ACF and ACA.

  • Air Convection Curing Oven

    Air Convection Curing Oven

    It is used for online curing of thermally cured glue. The glue on the PCBA is heated by high-speed hot air, and the curing temperature and time can be set according to the glue specifications.

  • Reflow Oven Profiler

    Reflow Oven Profiler

    Oven temperature profiler

    1. Simple and easy operation. All data are managed with database and can be quickly imported with wizard into manufacturing process for analysis.

    2. With intuitive PCC technique drawing, you can know if the manufacturing process is ok and see capacity index, without viewing analysis results.

    3. High efficiency. Data can be stored up to 16 times continuously and can be downloaded to computer for group data viewing.

  • UV Glue Dispensing & Curing Machine

    UV Glue Dispensing & Curing Machine

    Model: GDP-200s

    All in one machine with UV glue dispensing and fast & powerful LED light curing system, safe UV wave-length selectable 365/385/395/405/415nm, applying for Camera module, BGA UV Encapsulants, LCD, TP Curing …etc. varied applications.

  • Mini UV LED curing Machine

    Mini UV LED curing Machine

    Model: UV200INL

    Bench-top conveyors consist of a moving mesh belt that passes through a chamber area with curing lamps mounted above or side for fast component curing, can be equipped standard metal halide (longwave) bulbs or LED lamps, according to the process throughput and UV glue curing requirements, can be configured with one, two, or four UV or LED flood lamps, or mixing types of lamps to accommodate a variety of curing applications.

  • Automatic V-Cutting Machine

    Automatic V-Cutting Machine

    Model: VCUT860INL

    Automatic V-scoring Machine is applying to de-panel the PCBAs with V-scoring design, this machine is able to de-panel the PCBAs with “cross” v-scoring design, no operator needed, saving head count.

    High efficiency, High precision and Low-cost automatic solution.

  • FPC Die Cutting Machine

    FPC Die Cutting Machine

    Die Cutting Machine is applying to de-panel the Rigid pcb, Flexible pcb (FPC), Rigid-Flexible pcb (combination boards) with High efficiency, High accuracy and Low investment cost.

  • UV Spot Curing System

    UV Spot Curing System

    Model: SpotUV

    LED UV spot curing system delivers optimized curing energy to a very precise location, can be used manually by an operator in a bench-top system or integration into a high-speed automated assembly line; typically cure LED light-curable adhesives and coatings in 1 to 10 seconds.

  • Inline One-way V-CUT Machine

    Inline One-way V-CUT Machine

    - Inline One-way  V-CUT Machine -

    F550 is a one-way online V-CUT machine, which is mainly used for pcb on-line machine with one-way V-CUT slot, without direct human intervention and saves labor;  This series is mainly used for the low-stress depaneling of PCBA with V-CUT design of SMT back end to minimize the stress damage caused by the process to the side parts. Series of models adopt PLC control, industrial computer control and precision motor control, to achieve quantitative precision control of each key production process, and has convenient HMI interface and rich software functions, which greatly facilitates the use of users. This series of models have automatic transfer docking (SMEMA) upstream production track, and can be cut through ESD belt line or with a Robot to achieve the tray output.

  • Automatic In-line V-CUT Machine Model: JK-860R

    Automatic In-line V-CUT Machine Model: JK-860R

    Automatic inline V – CUT machine used to de-panel the PCBA panel with design of one-way & cross V-score lines, inline through the upper conveyor, automatic feeding the PCBA panel; The built-in robot sucks PCBA panel and puts it onto the bottom fixture; After the CCD automatically verifies the mark point of PCBA, the program controls the rotatable upper round blade to move to realize automatic de-paneling; when the de-paneling is completed, the robot will pick up the small de-paneled PCBA and place them on the outlet flat belt and put the waste tabs into the bottom collection bin.


  • Desktop V-Cutter

    Desktop V-Cutter

    Offline manual de-paneling machine-V-Cutting machine, blade type, the blade is made of special steel, sharp and wear-resistant, has a long service life, small de-paneling stress, and is equipped with a foot switch as standard.

  • BGA Solder Ball

    BGA Solder Ball

    Special solder balls for BGA rework and laser ball placement. The ball diameter ranges from φ70um to φ1.0mm. The alloy composition includes commonly used SAC305, SNCU…etc.

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